Hammer Toes, Ingrown Nails, Foot Injuries & Wound Care in Sarasota, Florida

Robert M. Cropper, D.P.M. P.A. in Sarasota, Florida, has the training and experience to treat hammertoes, ingrown nails, foot injuries, and wound care. We also provide diabetic foot care, including diabetic shoes. He is a double Board-Certified podiatric surgeon.

Wound Care Services

We treat ulcerations resulting from diabetes, vascular problems and trauma. We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to wound care. In-patient, out-patient, and home healthcare are some of the options available.

No-Stitch Hammertoe Surgery

The purpose of this procedure is to straighten the toe and only takes 30 minutes. After numbing the toe, we make a small incision that will not need to be stitched. We then cut the tendon and bandage up the toe. There is minimum discomfort and you can remove the bandage the next day.
Baby Feet —  Podiatry Clinics in Sarasota, FL
Woman's Feet —  Podiatry Clinics in Sarasota, FL

Ingrown Nails

When your nail has grown down into your toe, we can permanently remove the ingrown portion of the nail, while preserving the rest of the nail. People of all ages get ingrown nails, which can cause pain and discomfort. Let us permanently fix the issue. If you have a diabetic ulceration, we can treat that as well.

Diabetic Foot Care & Shoes

We offer diabetic foot care services, as all diabetics should see a podiatrist for proper foot care. Our services include cutting the nails, checking for calluses, checking your pulse, and checking the overall health of the foot and ankle.

When necessary, we take impressions for diabetic shoes. The mold is then sent out to have your custom diabetic shoe made. Our catalogue of shoes features colors, including white, beige, brown, and black.
Diabetic Neuropathy —  Podiatry Clinics in Sarasota, FL

Other Services

We are licensed and insured to perform many common surgical procedures to address certain conditions, including bunions, hammer toes, heel spurs, wounds, fractures, and injuries to ligaments and tendons. In many cases we also prescribe therapies including physical therapy and orthotics to supplement and maintain the beneficial effects of your procedures.

Additional Services Include:

  • Arthroscopic Foot Surgery
  • Foot Burns
  • Conservative Care for All Problems
  • Custom Orthotic Shoes
  • Fractures of Foot & Ankle
  • Neuromas
  • Heel Pain
  • No-Stitch Corn Removal
  • No-Stitch Hammertoe Surgery
  • Podiatric Foot Care
  • Sports Medicine
  • Surgical Care for Bunions
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